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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Faye Penfold


Travels with my Bell Tent – Chapter 2 – The Set Up

Setting up a tent is the sunshine is great fun, the start of a wonderful adventure … in the rain it’s a horribly stressful and argument inducing nightmare! Well that’s most tents, the complicated fiddly kind with lots of bendy poles, noggings and complex frames, not so with the bell tent. This tent is so simple one person could put it up by themselves, very easily.

Follow our step by step instructions on how to:

1, Find an open green space, this lovely forest in Somerset should do it

Bell tent bagThe bag is pretty heavy I am not going to lie, but then canvas always is, my advice, park pretty close by or get a strapping lad to carry it for you!


2. Get the bag out of the carrier, it’s simple, you’ll have a bag of poles, a bag of pegs and a tent. Pull the tent out so it sits on it’s ground sheet, this should be pulled tightly and flat.






3. Peg in the ground sheet (eye) and the bottom of the canvas (hook)



4. Once all the pegs are in fully extend the central pole and walk inside the tent and erect the pole through the gap in the centre.Half errected bell tent




5. Once the pole is in place there is a frame work, like an upside down V shape which is tied on the inside of the door, to make the structure of the door solid.Frame on door Bell tent


7. Use the guy ropes, pull as tightly as possible and peg! Hey presto, Bell tent is done!

8. Enjoy the bell tent, make it as glamourous as possible, we bought all of our equiptment from and couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


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