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Published on May 28th, 2015 | by Rosalina


Hidden Romanian Gem: Aitch

Sometimes the Internet seems like an endless maze of mediocrity, and then unexpectedly, something or someone emerges that is truly astounding. Currently working from Lisbon Portugal, Aitch is an illustrator who has an impressive client rooster including Elle Romania, ING, Vans and Coca Cola. Hailing from Budapest, Aitch’s work draws from traditions of naïve art, folklore and handicraft as well as the intricacies and color of ceramic painting, and Victorian illustration. Her pictures like The Garden of Good and Evil, The Blue Period, and Unpaired offer a view into a world of botanical fantasy, storybook characters, and whimsical and sometimes dark stylization. In addition to her commercial work, and painting she produces large-scale mural works and has exhibited throughout Europe. Most recently, a personal project entitled Things that fit inside a heart was featured on Juxtapose, including 17 extraordinary hand-drawn and colored images of jewel like objects nestled in a human heart. Healing Wounds (2014) reminds me of the deeply personal and open-ended colorful iconography of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, while the sketches and works like October’s Pattern could break one’s heart with their simple beauty. I keep returning to her Facebook page to see more. One could never tire of contemplating Aitch’s work, and although it would be a total coup to own her work for one’s own home, it is pretty amazing that we can see it allover the world, and more and more people can enjoy her creativity, sense of humor and talent.


Aitch Beautiful US

RJH Berland, New York


Aitch (Heliana Adalgiza), Romanian

Beautiful Us (2014) nine illustrations in a series

Drawing and watercolour


Image courtesy of the Artist, Portugal.

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